Aug 2022

Our new branch in Sulaibikhat 


Nov 2021

Our new branch in Mahbola

Mar 2021

Renew Certification of Registration of food safety management systems
ISO 22000:2018

Oct 2019

Certification of international to the following HACCP system as per the guidelines from the codex alimentarius commission

CAC/RCP 1-1969 , Rec.4 (2003)

Dec 2021

We Celebrated our 10th Anniversary

August 2019

The use of fresh, halal poultry and meat slaughtered in Kuwait in our restaurants represents for us an ethical, legal and healthy principle. In order to achieve it, we exert all our energies for you and for our children, who are like you among the pioneers of Al Farooj Republic restaurants.
This commitment is not just a slogan written on billboards or social media platforms, but it is hard work and money spent in order to provide these halal foods.. and this is what many claim and achieved in Kuwait – and even in other than Kuwait – very few!
We have put in “Farooj Republic” and will continue to our maximum capabilities and funds in order to achieve the highest level of quality and real halal foods that you are looking for.

Thank you Kuwait United Poultry Company
And thank you for trusting us

May 2019

The participation of Farooj Republic as an official sponsor in the 40th Ramadan Championship of the late Abdullah Mashari Al-Roudan